Birthday Parties

Attending a Birthday Party????

Simply go to our home page and click create account. Fill out parent information, add student and then log out when it asks you to choose a class. This is our release form and health insurance information to help us have all the information we need incase of emergency. You will only need to do this one time and your child will be able to attend Flippin' Fitness anytime in the future!  WEAR PLAY CLOTHES - NO JEANS! Thank You! Parents if you are staying you will need to remain in the seating area. If we have rain or snow you will want slippers - on bad weather days we do have everyone remove shoes for the safety of our participants!


FLIPPIN' FITNESS                                            4646 BUFFALO RD, HARBORCREEK  PA  16510

Jump - Run - Climb - Build - and be creative at your Flippin' Fitness Birthday Party!

Your party is 2 hours of fun for $215.00, includes 14 kids + birthday person and $15.00 Drink Credit. 

Our Birthday Parties....

Saturday parties will be booked in 2 hour time slots. Your guests will join other birthday parties around the same age during playtime on the floor. The facility is open to the general public during parties ages 3-9. This allows us to control the number of participants to a reasonable fun amount of kids. Each party will be called to your tables for cake and presents with the option of pizza etc.  Your cost of $215.00 includes your private table space, playtime and $15 drink credit. Pizza is optional and can be ordered once your guests arrive for an accurate count. Please see chart below for food and drink prices. 


PRIVATE PARTIES: $300.00 for two hours. Includes 25 Kids 

Ready to schedule?

1. Just simply call us to schedule your party 881-6683 text is great too

2. Drop off $100.00 deposit 

3. Just bring kids, cake, plates, silverware, and camera and we will do the rest! 

We do not allow outside food or drinks other than the cake (no ice cream). You can bring theme table cloths(takes two to cover the main table for your party) and theme plates.​ Any free standing decorations are allowed. 

Available for purchase at your party

Cans: (variety may vary) and Bottled Water

Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Rootbeer, Brisk Tea

Gatorade or Slushies2.00
Cheese Pizza (10 slices)10.00
Pepperoni Pizza (10 slices)12.00

Cotton Candy (must be ordered one day before the party. It is made fresh for you!)  price is per bag, makes great thank you to give to your guests 

Extra Child (party includes 14 +B Day person)4.00

we do not need to know if you have extra participants over the 14 and you do not have to tell us how many pizzas until after your guests arrive.