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Would your child like to perform

at the Globetrotters and Bayhawks halftime perfomances with Flippin' Fitness Showteam? 

All kids.. GUYS AND GALS ages 5-16  ANY level welcome! 

Each group will be divided by level and will have harder or easier skills.

If your child can not tumble but loves to dance we will have one group that is only dance! If you child loves to cheer we will have a group that is cheering!

There will be one group dedicated to just tumbling for those who don't want to dance!  

We will have three practices at Flippin' Fitness - all games and practices are mandatory. 

Practice - Thurs  Jan 25th 6-8 PM

Practice - Sat  Jan 27th  11-1 PM

Practice - Tues  Jan 30th  5-8 PM

Globetrotters - Wed Jan 31st  7pm game start arrive by 6:30!

Bayhawks - Sat  Feb 3rd  7pm game start arrive by 6:30!


Your cost:  $60.00 (or FREE - see the section below how we can help)

Includes all three practices, your child's tickets for the two games, and a t-shirt they will need to wear at the games! 

You provide:  child will need black shorts and as white as possible shoes (or plain no neon, plain black is okay too) 

To register just text 881-6683  text: showteam, your child's name and age.  you will receive a response for confirmation! 


Globetrotters and Bayhawks are giving you a chance to sell tickets to cut your performance costs!  

If you sell 3 Globetrotters tickets at regular price you will get your cheerleaders ticket to that game for FREE 

If you sell bayhawks tickets for $10.00 each you will get $5.00 credit per ticket off your $60.00   

So to do this for ALL FOR FREE just sell 3 Globetrotters Tickets and 8 guest Bayhawk tickets for $10 each. All ticket sales are due to the gym by 9pm on Thurs Jan 25th.

(We are waiting on the exact price you need to sell the globetrotter tickets for)